Carnivals, Horses and Dragons (5 to 12 October 2018)

Short and simple, here are five things that caught our attention in Somerset this week:

Horses Horses

Somerset based Wassail Theatre has a new play called Horses, Horses. It is touring Somerset and beyond right now (I saw it last week and loved it). Most of the shows are free and in a local pub, so it is a win-win. Find out more here: Wassail Theatre

Farmers Market

Somerset Farmers markets are on in Axminster and Midsomer Norton this Saturday (6th) and Frome on Sunday (7th). Each of these markets has great local produce on offer so check it out! Details here: Somerset Farmers Markets


It’s carnival season, so let’s wheel out the illuminated carts! Somerset loves a Carnival and it is Ilmister’s turn this weekend, see details: Ilminster Carnival. Did you know that Bridgwater Carnival dates back to 1605?

The Lost Words

We are big fans of the Somerset Cool team and their blog. The latest post is championing a great cause to fund a copy of a beautiful new poetry book for every primary school in Somerset. Find the blog post here at Somerset Cool and the support the cause through Lost Words Crowd Funding

Sea Dragons

We love dragons!! So at the top of my To-Do list is to go and see the free Sea Dragon exhibition in Street. The Alfred Gillett Trust have also organised some great looking half term events as part of this project. Find more here: Alfred Gillett Trust

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